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Meet The Advisors | Sonya Homewood

What is your previous experience and how does that translate to your advisory role at hubb?

I have worked with financial services, specifically in senior leadership roles and within insurance for the last 30+ years, I’ve probably have seen it and done it, certainly from an operational leadership and customer perspective as well as from a regulatory and compliance perspective… all of this on top of my infectious enthusiasm for leadership development and the ultimate delivery of results through strong leadership really puts me in a great position to support hubb on their growth journey.  

What initially attracted you to hubb?

Honestly, I was attracted to several things, the pure message on transparency for customers, the disruptive approach, usage-based broking – finally! The brilliant branding colours and the enthusiasm and passion of Ed and Mark at our first meeting, not only just their enthusiasm but the absolute grounded belief that what hubb is doing is morally right and customers will love it!  The bravery and dedication of the team to deliver on their promises is second to none.

What do you think is unique about the hubb offering?

It’s the open and transparent approach to usage-based broking and being disruptive rather than following the pack, truly having the customers’ best interest at heart.

Who do you think will most benefit from the hubb proposition?

All commercial customers and insurers will ultimately benefit from the slick transparent processes.

What advice would you give to a business owner considering moving their insurance to hubb?

Do your research on hubb, compare what they are offering to your current provider then move to hubb… usage-based broking – it’s a no brainer.

And what about somebody considering leaving their current employer to begin a career in usage-based broking?

It’s all about the culture of the organisation and their prospects, this approach has got to be the future and who wouldn’t want to have a future in something progressive rather than prehistoric?  Transparency goes further than just the product and service offering….. ask any of us about what it’s like to work with or for hubb.. when you are ready let’s talk.

What do you find the most exciting thing about hubb?

Their bravery to think differently and challenge the norm whilst always having the needs of the customer at the heart of everything they are building and creating… they all have true belief in hubb and it’s lovely to experience from my perspective as a Board Advisor.  In addition, every team member is looking to raise their self-awareness and develop themselves and in turn support this special business in their growth journey.

What 5 words describe your role as an advisor? 

Supportive, challenging, listener, creative, balanced

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hubb customers typically pay 20 - 30% less for business insurance

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hubb customers typically pay 20 - 30% less for business insurance

Want us to send you a reminder at next renewal?

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