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Meet The Advisors | Richard Jones

What is your previous experience and how does that translate to your advisory role at hubb? 

I am an ex CEO of EU regulated Insurance, Banking and Investment Management companies in the U.K., EU and globally. I have been investing in and advising in innovative Fintech entities for the past five years, following a private equity exit.

What initially attracted you to hubb?

The vision, experience and passion of the founding team.  The market is clearly in need of new ways to use technology to transform and improve customer outcomes and the hubb business model has many of the answers.

What do you think is unique about the hubb offering?

The drive to create a transparent, fair but also more effective offering so that corporates reengage with the challenges of risk management.

Who do you think will most benefit from the hubb proposition?

Firstly, clients or all sizes, the all sectors will benefit from this more efficient process and also insurers who will have a more effective way of originating and managing risk.

What advice would you give to a business owner considering moving their insurance to hubb?

Be prepared to set aside any jaded view of previous insurance engagements and allow the team at hubb to renew your faith in the protection market.

And what about somebody considering leaving their current employer to begin a career in usage-based broking?

This tech enabled business model is the way of the future so go for it!

What do you find the most exciting thing about hubb?

The drive towards achieving all the elements of a new, better business model for broking.

What 5 words describe your role as an advisor? 

Demanding, exciting, enjoyable, fulfilling and humbling.

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hubb customers typically pay 20 - 30% less for business insurance

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hubb customers typically pay 20 - 30% less for business insurance

Want us to send you a reminder at next renewal?

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