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Meet The Advisors | Peter Harvey

What is your previous experience and how does that translate to your advisory role at hubb? 

The biggest job I undertook in terms of size and breadth was the CEO role at Barclays corporate and commercial. The fact that all the functions reported to me gave an insight as to how everyone in an organisation should be interdependent. Most importantly time and again we all realised that the diversity and variety of our people made the difference and every one individually needed to be motivated, developed, respected, recognised, and rewarded equitably and well. Translating that to Hubb, I want to influence the business to hire a diverse variety of top-quality people with the right attitude and behaviour before then motivating, developing, respecting recognising, and rewarding them.

What initially attracted you to hubb? 

I was attracted to Hubb by the new customer proposition which offered transparency and money-saving to them. The passion of Mark and Ed also helped. 

What do you think is unique about the hubb offering? 

Transparency and honesty with customers underline the offering.

Who do you think will most benefit from the hubb proposition? 

I think larger businesses will benefit most from the Hubb proposition. I also hope our people will benefit from being part of a growing, successful company. 

What advice would you give to a business owner considering moving their insurance to hubb? 

please, allow us to prove ourselves against the traditional competitors. As we build up a fund of testimonials, they will give our people and potential customers even more confidence in this new business model. 

And what about somebody considering leaving their current employer to begin a career in usage-based broking? 

ensure you buy into the proposition and trust your boss (I’d say this to anyone leaving their current business) then get ready for an exhilarating ride.

What do you find the most exciting thing about hubb? 

The most exciting thing about Hubb is the opportunity of setting up a new exciting place to work with people knowing that the underlying mission is to help customers to be properly insured whilst saving them money.

What 5 words describe your role as an advisor? 

Interested, Challenging, Supportive, Excited, Tough

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hubb customers typically pay 20 - 30% less for business insurance

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hubb customers typically pay 20 - 30% less for business insurance

Want us to send you a reminder at next renewal?

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