Honest, Usage-Based, Broker

about us

hubb is a commercial insurance broker using its proprietary AI, automation and data science platform to offer businesses fairly priced, usage-based broking, 20-30% cheaper than competitors.

Our Story

In 2019, frustrated by increasing commissions and reducing service, we set about reimagining commercial insurance broking in the customer’s image.

hubb was born – an acronym for honest, usage-based broking.

And it’s no coincidence the H came first! We believe that rebuilding business owners’ trust in insurance brokers begins with honesty. vowed to operate with “radical transparency” and opened up our back office. Customers can see everything, in real-time.

And we knew that to do this, the market’s existing fee structure needed to change. We flipped the existing model on its head, making the advisory element of the sale usage-based and central to our proposition. That means that hubb customers only pay for the service they consume, creating a fairer dynamic and incentivising the right behaviours.

July 2019

Company Founded

October 2020

Began building our technology

April 2021

Became fully-authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

July 2021

Released the first MVP of our proprietary technology

August 2021

Completed a small SEIS round with our board of advisors

November 2021

Acquired Digital FIneprint (DFP)

March 2022

Reached £10m of Gross Written Premium and onboarded our 750th customer

500 +
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Average Saving For New hubb Customers
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Full time
employees and growing
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hubb and the Metaverse

On the 9th February 2022, hubb announced that we had become the world’s first metaverse-ready insurance broker. Having run an initial pilot of the technology through late 2021/early 2022, we discovered incredible value within the metaverse in respect of collaboration, meetings and perhaps most prevalently, co-working.

As a hybrid-working team, based all over the world, we found that onboarding new team members, particularly those earlier on in their careers, was simply not as effective as face-to-face. We theorized that this was due to the lack of learning through osmosis – you can learn a vast amount by simply sitting next to someone day-to-day can, observing and listening to them. After an initial awkwardness, we found this new way of working to be a huge success.

And, whilst we’re not banking on it, we hope that one day customers may join us in the metaverse so that we can conduct their insurance reviews in whatever environment best suits them.